Don't have a clue on how to upgrade Joomla! or your webdesigner left you hanging?

About Joomla! Upgrade

Upgrading your Joomla! to the latest version is our job! Sometimes you just don't know how to start an upgrade, your host is pushing you to upgrade, or your web designer just left you hanging with an old version? We're here to help!

We know when it's urgent!
Sometimes an upgrade just can't wait, your host will deactivate you if you don't upgrade, you're under constant attack from hackers, .... Don't wait, just get it done!
We go way back
Since 2005 we've been working with Joomla! We know all the versions, the good things but also the painfull upgrade process, and we're good in dealing with it.
We consult you
If you want to try and upgrade yourself, we can also give you consultancy. But if we upgrade, it's done faster ;-)

Why do You need to upgrade?

Joomla! Updated
In the recent years, updates for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 were discontinued thereby making it highly prone to malicious attacks.
Supported Version
In addition of being exposed to newer threats, as the years go by, the advanced versions of web hosting software will not be able to support older versions of Joomla.
Avoid Hacking
Needless to say, an older version could lead to a lot of unwanted problems. Serious problems would arise if any critical information of your clients is compromised or the hacker has gained access to your server.
Enjoy the newest features
The newest version of course also has the newest features, higher useability, better security, responsive out of the box, etc...

Great Features

As Joomla! CMS is evolving, also the core features are evolving and growing

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Let's get Upgrading

Get in touch with us to get your Joomla! site upgraded. We'll contact you to have a closer look at your project and guide you through the process.